Monday, October 31, 2016

Fearless Confidence (Nov 1st)


While they were praying, the place where they were meeting trembled and shook. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak God’s Word with fearless confidence.

Acts 4:31 msg


I love the phrase “fearless confidence”! In the face of threatened persecution from the very same people who put Jesus to death and made them cower in fear just weeks earlier, this rag tag band of Jesus followers is filled with fearless confidence. How is this possible? Three new realities and all are available to us: The resurrection of Jesus; The power of faithful prayer shared in genuine community; and the work of the Holy Spirit filling and empowering each follower of Jesus. So let’s encourage each other to stay focused on these three incredible realities that are ours in Jesus. With them comes fearless confidence!


Almighty God, thank you for the power you have unleashed in my life and in the life of your people through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the gift of prayer, and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. In Jesus’ name I thank you. Amen.

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