Saturday, October 15, 2016

One of You! – Mark 14:17-18

Key Passage

In the evening, Jesus went to that house with the twelve apostles. While they were all at the table eating, Jesus said, “I tell you the truth. One of you will be against me—one of you eating with me now.”

— Mark 14:17-18 ERV (Read Full Text)

Key Thought

Ouch! Imagine how it hurt the followers of Jesus to hear these words! Imagine how much more it hurt Jesus to have to say this about one of his closest friends and followers. Betrayal by a friend hurts worse and wounds us most grievously. But, when we are heartbroken because of the faithlessness of a friend (or even a spouse), we can go to the Lord and know that he cares and that he hears us. He’s been down this road himself. While I am sorry that he had to go through this, I’m comforted in those moments of betrayal since the Lord knows, cares, and is present with me through my loneliest times.


O Father, be near. O Jesus, please draw me close to you. O Spirit, fill me with your presence. I cannot exist without the constant assurance of your presence in my life. In Jesus’ name I ask it. Amen.

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