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One of You! – Mark 14:20

Key Passage

Jesus answered, “The man who is against me is one of you twelve. He is the one who dips his bread into the same bowl with me.

— Mark 14:20 ERV (Read Full Text)

Key Thought

How sad Jesus’ words must have been to the apostles when they first heard them. How sad these words must have been as they remembered them. What a powerful reminder to us of our ability to falter and to let our Lord down. Our church, our fellowship of believing friends, will always have a “Judas” in our midst. In fact, most of us have let the Lord down and betrayed him at some point in our lives. Thank God that he is forgiving. Thank the Lord Jesus that he paid the price to ransom us back from our weakness, hypocrisy, betrayal, and failure. Let’s use our time at the Lord’s Table each week to remind us of the price of our forgiveness, of our vulnerability to letting the Lord down, and of the opportunity we have to live passionately for him. Most of all, let’s remember that we can begin again, fresh and forgiven, and must not let Satan win the battle when we falter. Let’s get back up, ask for the Lord’s forgiveness, receive his cleansing, and faithfully live for his glory in the future.


LORD of all heaven and earth, my Abba Father, please help me to trust in your forgiveness and the Holy Spirit’s power so that I will not be crushed by my failures and sins. Instead, as you cleanse me, please empower me to live vibrantly and faithfully for you. This is my heart’s desire. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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