Friday, November 11, 2016

Can’t Go Through The Woods

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Can’t Go Through The Woods

      A man was going to the county fair one day with a pig under one arm and a chicken under one arm, and a basket on his head. He came to a crossroads and didn’t know which way to turn. While he stood there deciding, a young woman approached him, heading the same direction.

      "Please, ma’am, I’m on the way to the county fair. Can you tell me which way to go?"

      "Yes," she replied. "I’m on my way there, too. We’ll go right down this way about a mile, turn left about a mile and a half, left again about a mile and we’re right there."

      He said, "Wait a minute… down here, turn left and left again? Couldn’t we save a lot of time by walking through these woods?"

      She replied, "Yes, we could. But I couldn’t walk through those woods with you. Why… you might try to kiss me!"

      "Listen," he said, "how could I possibly kiss anybody with a pig under one arm, a chicken under one arm and a basket on my head?"

      "Well," she replied, "you could put that chicken on the ground, turn the basket upside down over the chicken, and I could hold that little bitty ole pig."

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