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Liars for Rent – Mark 14:55-56

Key Passage

The leading priests and all the Jewish council tried to find something that Jesus had done wrong so they could kill him. But the council could find no proof that would allow them to kill Jesus. Many people came and told false things against Jesus. But the people all said different things—none of them agreed.

— Mark 14:55-56 ERV (Read Full Text)

Key Thought

Basically, Jesus’ opponents were trying to find a liar or two that they could “rent” for the duration of Jesus’ trial. The behavior reminds us once again of two terrible realities. First, religious people can do the most despicable things when they are more concerned with self-preservation than they are about the truth of God. Second, Jesus is about to undergo a gruesome, horribly unfair ordeal. The first should always make us pause and ask for God’s guidance and intervention. We should never want our understanding of truth to interfere with his will and his people. The second should drive us to our knees in humility, knowing all that the Lord Jesus has unfairly endured because of his love for us.


O God Almighty, you are the one who directs the paths of history and brings kingdoms to nothing when they interfere with your work in the world. Please help me and those with whom I fellowship to never interfere with your will. Please never let me be guilty of wanting to preserve my religious understanding at the expense of your Kingdom, your people, and your will. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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