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Not a Word – Mark 15:3-5

Key Passage

The leading priests accused Jesus of many things. So Pilate asked Jesus another question. Pilate said, “You can see that these people are accusing you of many things. Why don’t you answer?” But Jesus still did not answer. Pilate was very surprised at this.

— Mark 15:3-5 ERV (Read Full Text)

Key Thought

Once again, as Old Testament Scripture had promised, Jesus does not try to defend himself. He is silent. Pilate is surprised at such silence. Why would Jesus not defend himself? Because the issue at stake was not his innocence, but our guilt. He goes as the sinless one to be convicted and sentenced to death for our sins.


Dear Father, as we approach the time of giving thanks and for remembering your Son’s birth, it is hard to be reminded of the outcome of that birth. I am ashamed that we killed your Son when he came. I am horrified that he was treated so barbarically. I am angered that justice was so perverted. I am enraged that political preservation was more important to those in charge than the life of your Son. However, dear Father, I am eternally grateful that you would love me, and love all of us, so much that you had your Son endure what he endured. And, Lord Jesus, not only do I pray this in your name, but I thank you with all my heart for what you did for me. Amen.

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