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Watching by the Fire from Far Away – Mark 14:53-54

Key Passage

The people who arrested Jesus led him to the house of the high priest. All the leading priests, the older Jewish leaders, and the teachers of the law were gathered there. Peter followed Jesus, but he did not come near Jesus. Peter followed Jesus to the yard of the high priest’s house. Peter went into the yard. Peter was sitting there with the guards. He was warming himself by their fire.

— Mark 14:53-54 ERV (Read Full Text)

Key Thought

Jesus was brought before the leaders of the Jewish people, but the leader of his followers stood at a cowardly distance sneaking around trying to watch the proceedings. While Jesus faced the cold ridicule of those in power, Jesus’ self-proclaimed loyal follower warmed himself at a fire in the company of those put in charge of the Son of God’s torture. While it all seems so despicable from the safety of our distance of two thousand years, if we are honest, most of us have done the same thing. When Jesus, his cause, or his Kingdom is maligned, we pull back from the discussion, hang back, and try to be unnoticeable.


Father, give me wisdom to know how to stand up for your Truth, your Son, and your will without totally alienating me from others. Also, dear Father, help me to never back down in my spoken faith because I am afraid. I want to be wise and courageous in my loyalty to your Son. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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