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Binding the Strong Man – Matthew 12:27-29

Key Passage

“You say that I use the power of Beelzebul to force out demons. If that is true, then what power do your people use when they force out demons? So your own people will prove that you are wrong. But I use the power of God’s Spirit to force out demons. This shows that the kingdom of God has come to you. If a person wants to enter a strong man’s house and steal his things, first the person must tie the strong man. Then the person can steal the things from the strong man’s house.”

— Matthew 12:27-29 ERV (Read Full Text)

Key Thought

Jesus’ power over demons, disease, and death are reminders that he comes in the power of the Kingdom. His ministry is the power of the Kingdom dawning in people’s lives and a foretaste of Jesus’ eternal rule as Lord and Savior. He has entered the strong man’s house and tied up the strong man. He has plundered the strong man and liberated those the strong man had bound and headed for Hell. His power is real and righteous. His power is unleashed to liberate us. It is now time for us to proclaim him Lord, not just Lord of our lives, but Lord of all! To him goes all majesty, glory, honor, and power. To him belongs the victory forever. To him we bow our knees and surrender our hearts.


Holy God, you alone are God. Through your Son you have liberated me from law, sin, death, and Satan. I place my life and my future in your hands. I praise you for your grace and power. I praise you for your love and mercy. I praise you for your sacrifice and strength. I praise you for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Lord of all. In his name, the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

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