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Leaving the Crowd Behind – Matthew 13:36-39

Key Passage

Then Jesus left the people and went into the house. His followers came to him and said, “Explain to us the meaning of the story about the weeds in the field.” Jesus answered, “The person that planted the good seed in the field is the Son of Man. The field is the world. The good seed are all of God’s children in the kingdom. The weeds are those people that belong to the Evil One (the devil). And the enemy that planted the bad seed is the devil. The harvest time is the end of the world. And the workers that gather are God’s angels.”

— Matthew 13:36-39 ERV (Read Full Text)

Key Thought

Jesus leaves the crowd. They will not own him. They will not even be the source of his greatest or most important ministry the rest of his life. He will focus on his disciples. They are his work because they can continue it after him. He will pour himself into shaping them and preparing them for a life of ministry. Once again Jesus reminds the disciples that their ministry and his church will live in a real world where many people do not follow him. In fact, those who don’t follow him are under the rule of Satan to some extent or another (Ephesians 2:1-3). While we are in the world, we are not tied to the world. While the world may at times offer things that look like authentic faith, they are nothing more than Satan’s deceptive mirages. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of those who are in the world and bring them into the Kingdom of light and prepare them for the day of the Lord’s harvest.


Most powerful and holy God, help me to understand what is at stake in the lives of people who do not know you as Lord. Please give me a passion to work with Jesus in liberating them from the bondage under which Satan holds them. Through your Spirit, please stir my passion and my insight and my timing so that I can be used by you to make a difference in the lives of my friends who are not a part of the Kingdom family. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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