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One Greater Is Here – Matthew 12:41-42

Key Passage

“On the judgment day, you people that live now will be compared with the people from Nineveh, and they will be witnesses to show that you are wrong (guilty). Why? Because when Jonah preached to those people, they changed their hearts and lives. And you are listening to someone greater than Jonah, {but you refuse to change}! On the judgment day, you people that live now will also be compared with the Queen of the South, and she will be a witness to show that you are wrong (guilty). Why? Because she traveled from far, far away to listen to Solomon’s wise teaching. And I tell you that someone greater than Solomon is right here, {but you won’t listen to me}!”

— Matthew 12:41-42 ERV (Read Full Text)

Key Thought

Jesus makes two emphatic claims to his religious skeptics: (1) in the past, foreigners recognized the greatness and wisdom of God’s leaders and responded to the truth that they spoke, but Jesus’ skeptics did not come to him—they will have to face judgement for being so hard-hearted; (2) Jesus says that he is greater than Jonah or Solomon and his skeptics have rejected him—so their judgement is more than deserved. Jesus is greater! He is greater than Moses, greater than angels, greater than Elijah, greater than John the Baptist; he is greater. To reject him is to reject God’s greatest message and our greatest hope.


Loving Father, today I want to pray for several of my friends who have not come to faith in Jesus. They have rejected his salvation either by neglect or by a conscious decision. Please open their hearts and work in their lives so they will have another opportunity to come to know Jesus as their Lord and respond to that opportunity. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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