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The Power of Stories – Matthew 13:34-35

Key Passage

Jesus used stories to tell all these things to the people. Jesus always used stories to teach the people. This is the same as what the prophet said: “I will speak using stories; I will tell things that have been secrets since the world was made.”

— Matthew 13:34-35 ERV (Read Full Text)

Key Thought

Jesus’ stories, or parables, were windows to God’s truth. They both reveal and conceal. They conceal from those not seeking the truth, God, or the Kingdom. They reveal to those following Jesus—his disciples. But the revealing of these messages came through Jesus’ time alone with his disciples as he explained God’s mysteries to them. The message, however, was hooked into everyday life for them to easily remember and later awaken these truths when they saw them again in real life. From this point on, Jesus will put the key focus of his energies and time on helping the disciples understand God’s mysteries. But the parable of the soils reminded them that they chose whether or not they were soil fit for his seed and whether or not they would be fruitful. For us, the message is much the same: if we want to understand the mysteries of God’s Kingdom, we must be willing to spend dedicated and concentrated time with Jesus. This is why Matthew wrote his Gospel in the first place. Don’t let the year go by merely reading a few verses from Matthew’s Gospel everyday. Read it through at one sitting several times during the remainder of the year using different translations. Read the other Gospels as well. Get to know Jesus better and worship, serve, and reach out with the Gospel to those who don’t know Jesus. He longs to help us understand the deep things of God, but he can only do it if we spend dedicated time in his presence.


Father, God Almighty who sent his Son in love to reveal the truth, please help me know Jesus more completely. In addition, help me to know your will for me as I search the Scriptures. Reveal yourself to me in my everyday life as I seek to know you more fully and as I seek to follow your Son more completely. In Jesus’ precious name I pray. Amen.

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