Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Two Doors – A Parable

The big, popular movements in today’s Christianity remind me of a guy who nicked his foot while mowing the grass. The man showed the wound to his wife, and she didn’t know what to do. So he thought he better get down to the Emergency Room to get it checked out.

So he went to the hospital, walked through the Emergency Room front doors, and when he entered, he was greeted by two more doors. One door was marked “Male,” and the other was marked “Female.” So he went through the door marked “Male.”

When he got inside, there were two more doors. One door said “Under 40.” The other door said “Over 40.” So he walked through the door marked “Over 40.” He then found two more doors. One door said “Upper Body,” and the other door said “Lower Body.” 

He took his foot through the “Lower Body” door and walked inside. Inside were two more doors. One door was marked “Internal,” the other door was marked “External.” So he went through the “External” door.

Inside there were two more doors. One was marked “Serious,” and the other was marked “Not Serious.” He walked through the door marked “Not Serious.”

And he ended up in the parking lot.

When the man arrived back home, his wife asked, “Sweetheart, did they help you?”

He said, “No, but they sure were organized.”

In my experience and observation, today’s brand of pop-Christianity isn’t helping as many people as it should or can. But it sure is organized.

The good news is that I believe there are solutions. So take heart.

I’ll speak more about the root problems and remedies in the days to come. Today, I just wanted to humor you with this story, which speaks volumes.

More to come …


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