Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Church Signs 5

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Church Signs 5
      1) How will you spend eternity — Smoking or Non-smoking?
      2) Dusty Bibles lead to Dirty Lives
      3) It is unlikely there’ll be a reduction in the wages of sin.
      4) Do not wait for the hearse to take you to church.
      5) If you don’t like the way you were born, try being born again.
      6) Looking at the way some people live, they ought to obtain eternal fire insurance soon.
      7) This is a ch_ _ ch. What is missing?
      8) Forbidden fruit creates many jams.
      9) In the dark? Follow the Son.
      10) Running low on faith? Stop in for a fill-up.
      11) If you can’t sleep, don’t count sheep. Talk to the Shepherd.

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