Thursday, July 6, 2017

Controversies – Sexism, Heresy, Racism, Church

I’ve got some great news. We will be taking pre-orders for my upcoming 800-page, hardcover Titan Collectible monstrosity – There Must Be More – later in the month. My daughter just finished creating a new video for it. You’ll want to stay on my email list so you don’t miss the discount and the pre-order window. This enormous keepsake will be printed once and only once — never before, never again.

Today, I want to bless you with some controversial digital essays I’ve written over the years.

They are:

Reimagining a Woman’s Role in the Church: An Open Letter

Read This Before You Drop the H-Bomb (Heresy) – written with Greg Boyd

The Race Card of the Early Christians – written with Derwin Gray

Reframing Discipleship

Losing Track of Jesus

The Alpha & Omega – written with Leonard Sweet

A Vanishing God

Organizational vs. Organic

Why Organic Church Isn’t Exactly a Movement

Where’s God? – co-written with 20 authors

To read assorted chapters from my published books, check out my Discography

If the above essays don’t open when you click on the links, download Adobe Reader. It’s free, and it will allow you to access the essays.


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