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Joy-full or Joy Impaired

choose joyJoy is important to the Kingdom of God. There are over 180 Scriptures about joy in the Bible. Romans 14 says that the Kingdom of God IS righteousness, peace, and joy.

Does your world, your home, your life reflect one that is filled with joy? Or are you, like so many other believers, a joy impaired christian?

We live in the world and let’s face it, the world is demanding. We live surrounded with expectations, pressure, and demands for our time and energy. Most christian families are existing day by day juggling school, work, church activities, sports and other GOOD things. My family is no different. The pressure we are under to maintain our schedules is enough to allow the enemy to quietly come in…when we are busy looking the other way…and steal our joy.

Do you feel like you are living life to its’ fullest?

Is everyday full of peace & joy?

Would people describe you as joy-full or joy impaired?

From my observations the American church as a whole has “lost” its joy. Now I will be the first to admit that I know some beautiful Christians that walk in the fullness of joy… it’s just that I don’t know very many of them. The fact is that we have allowed pressure, demands, and busyness to rob us from our joy.

The enemy of excellent is often good and sometimes we are so distracted by the “good thing” in front of us that we miss the excellent thing that The Lord has for us!

I believe that busyness is the number one reason that most Christians are not walking in the fullness of joy that is offered to us.  However, the lack of understanding is also an issue. Joy is not happiness, although they look similar in nature. Joy is a fruit of the spirit. Joy is something that every believer can CHOOSE to enter into! It’s a choice! Joy is not changed by your circumstance but happiness often is. We have to understand that WE are the joy set before the Lord (Hebrews 12:2). He endured the cross for us and His crucifixion was not just so we could go to Heaven. Through His crucifixion and resurrection  we also received the ability to live on earth as vessels of joy!

Psalm 16:11, ESV

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forever more!

This is a Scripture I use to declare joy over my life! Not only do I have the ability to walk in the fullness of joy through His presence (which lives in me) but I also have access to what is at God’s right hand! Jesus sits at His right hand and this Scripture says that pleasures forever more are at His right hand. He, Jesus, lives in us. We have pleasures forever more living and dwelling with in us. With that understanding CHOOSING joy is simple!

There are some things that will cause you to get stuck in a rut and become one of those joy impaired Christians. If you find yourself lacking in joy, search your heart as you read through this list!

Factors that keep us joy impaired

Unforgiveness, offense, anger, bitterness- these things will keep you in a prison and joy will be far from you! But thankfully you can repent and CHOOSE to let go and step back into the fullness of joy!

Fear, anxiety, and depression will also rob you from the ability to choose joy. Anytime you are struggling with fear, anxiety, and depression you have yoked yourself to the enemy. When you are communing with the enemy through fear, anxiety, and depression he has your ear. You must repent for agreeing with the enemy and tell fear, anxiety, and depression to go in Jesus Name and ask the Lord to fill you with revelation of freedom!

Pride and sin will also keep you from joy. Jesus is so gracious and when we repent He not only forgives us but casts your sin as far as from the East to the West.

Wounds and pain- We all have been through hurts & disappointments in life but sometimes we allow the hurt and the pain to define us. Our identity becomes that of a victim instead of an overcomer. The hurt may be real but the TRUTH is YOU are not a victim, YOU are an OVERCOMER through Christ Jesus and you can ask Him to come into those places of hurt and release comfort, love, and healing. Only then will you start to walk as an OVERCOMER and can CHOOSE joy!

Choose Joy

Joy is a choice! You can become a joy-full Christian by simply CHOOSING joy! Agree with the Father & who He says you are!

Thanksgiving & appreciation exercises will help posture your heart to CHOOSE joy!

Understand joy, meditate on joy and ask the Father what joy looks like.

Declare & profess that you are a joy-full christian!

Filter all your thoughts through joy!

Alignment brings joy and peace! Get into alignment with Him!

I pray today that you would CHOOSE joy. That you would LET GO of everything that is keeping you from walking in the fullness of JOY. That you would be confident in Him and His plans for your life and allow Him to prioritize your life so that your eyes are fixed on the excellent thing for you and your family and no longer distracted by the good thing!

Stephanie McCandless

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