Monday, July 10, 2017

Own Logos 7? Now You Can Use the Web App for Free.

We’re happy to announce that as of July 1, everyone who owns Logos 7 can access the web app. Go ahead: try it out for yourself now.

If you own the Logos 7 Starter Feature Set or higher (included in all Logos 7 base packages), you can now do in-depth Bible study, right in your browser.

The perfect time to get started

Over the last year, we’ve transformed the Logos web app into a tool you’ll want to use every day. You won’t find complete parity with the Logos desktop software; after all, we’ve been building Logos for 25 years! Nevertheless, the web app has become a truly robust Bible study tool that we knew our most dedicated users would love.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect, and why you’ll want to turn to the web app for your study from time to time.

Jump right in

There’s no indexing, no resource downloading, and no app to install. Just go to to get started. This is perfect if you forget your laptop at home but need to keep working on that sermon, paper, or Bible study on another computer. We’ve even created a brand new homepage that opens the right resources for your study in a click.

Launch the web app to get started.

Capture your biblical insights

Stay on track with reading plans and keep your focus on the text by removing chapter and verse numbers. Plus, you can move seamlessly from studying, to writing, to building a presentation: the Logos web app now includes the Sermon Editor and Media Tool!

Start your next sermon now.

An important note about notes

CAUTION: Keep in mind that at this point notes and highlights from the web app will not show up in the desktop app and vice versa. We’re working on creating this cross-platform syncing, but meanwhile you’re data, notes, and highlights are completely safe. Just keep in mind that as we make the transition to a new note system, you won’t be able to access your notes across all platforms. (Read more about notes here.)

Find anything, fast

Searching with the Logos web app is lightning fast. Own a massive library? You’ll still find just what you need in seconds. Plus, we’ve added new guide sections so you can discover relevant sermons, excerpts from grammars, and journal articles at a glance.

Search for something to try it out.

Go beneath the surface text

Click any word in your Bible and instantly see its lemma, root, quick links to a Bible word study, and more. Right click to bring up the context menu. You can even pull up the inline reverse interlinear to reveal the underlying languages.

Open a Bible and try out the inline reverse interlinear.

Master a biblical topic or book

With the Courses Tool, not only can you take your Mobile Ed courses inside the web app, you can launch in-depth studies on biblical themes like “grace” or classic resources like Augustine’s Confessions. Or jump into a topical study straight from the homepage.

Explore topics for your next study.

Tell us what you think

The web app has come a long way, and we think you’ll love it. But it will get even better with your help.

Visit the forums now to tell us what features we should work on next and how to tweak what’s already there. Or submit feedback right in the app: just look for the little hamburger menu in the top left corner of the resource panel.


Ready for another bonus? We’ve unlocked Fuzzy Bible Search and Bible Browser to Logos 7 users, too! Read more about it on the forums.

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