Monday, July 3, 2017

The Top 6 Biggest Deals of July: Save on Commentaries & More

July is here, and with it comes 50 great deals in our monthly sale. This month you can save over 40% on commentaries, monographs, reference works, and more. Here’s a rundown of the top six deals in the monthly sale:

  • Preacher’s Homiletic Commentary (38 vols.) – 42% off – Written by preachers for preachers, this commentary is uniquely designed to foster the kind of biblical study that produces engaging and clear sermons.
  • Fasting: A Biblical Historical Study – 41% off – This fascinating study puts bold claims about fasting to the test. Learn the truth about fasting and how to make it a meaningful part of your life today.
  • Seeking the Face of God -41% off – Don’t miss Martyn Lloyd-Jones beautiful and practical reflections on  on nine passages from the Psalms.
  • Christ in the Psalms – 40% off – This book will take you on a thought-provoking and enlightening pilgrimage through this beloved prayer book of the church.
  • Christian Life Collection (14 vols.) – 40% off – Access practical wisdom on important aspects of the Christian life, such as faith, prayer, and marriage, and foundational truths.
  • The New Testament Library Series (15 vols.) -40% off – Get over 5,000 pages of in-depth commentary by many of today’s leading New Testament scholars. Understand important New Testament themes such as Paul’s theology, ethics, and the church’s ministry in the world.

There are dozens of other resources available in July’s monthly sale. Pick out your favorites now.

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