Monday, July 17, 2017

Three Guys in Heaven

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Three Guys in Heaven
      Three guys die and go to heaven. The first goes up to St. Peter who says, "I have only one question before you go into heaven: Were you faithful to your wife?"

      The guy answers, "Yes, I’ve never even looked at another women."

      St.Peter says, "See that Rolls-Royce over there?  That’s your car to drive while you’re in heaven."

      The second guy gets the same question, and answers, "Once I strayed, but I confessed to my wife and she forgave me and we worked it out."

      St. Peter says, "See that new Buick over there, that’s your car to use in heaven."

      The third guy answers the same question, "I have to admit, I’ve chased every girl I saw, and was with a lot of women."

      St. Peter says, "Okay, but you were basically a good guy, so that old VW Bug over there is yours to use while you’re in heaven.

      The three guys go off on their separate ways.

      A few weeks later, guy #2 and guy #3 are driving along when they see guy #1’s Rolls Royce parked outside of a bar.  They stop and go into the bar andfind guy #1 with empty bottles all around him, face down with his face in is hands on the bar.  They come up to him and guy #2 says, "Bud, what could possibly be so bad-you’re in heaven, you drive a Rolls Royce, and everything is great!"

      He says, "I saw my wife today!" The other two answer, "That’s great!  What’s the problem?"

      He answers, "She was riding a skateboard!"

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